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Small Edition Books

A collection of books using digital and hand printing and printed in editions of 40 to 60. 

Denver In Isolation

Perry Loughridge

A collection of photographs of Denver during the first 2020 Covid isolation by Perry Loughridge. During his 2 month furlough, he photographed downtown Denver during his daily walks, capturing abandoned streets normally busy with activity.

The soft cover booklet measures 9 3/4 x 7 1/2" and has 24 pages of photographs with a hand sown binding. The cover is a five color serigraph on a heavy cover stock. Forty of the books were printed and are signed on the Title page.


El Rialto

John Macker

The sixteen page booklet is a short memoir about a good friend of John Macker's.  John's memories are brought to life with serigraph illustrations by Leon Loughridge. The serigraph type and illustrations were hand-printed by Loughridge.  There are a total of eight illustrations in the booklet.  Twenty Six copies were printed and are all signed by John on the title page. The booklet measures 11" x 8 1/2" with a cover printed on cover-stock. The cover and pages are hand-sown with an exposed stitch.




Three Block Reduction Prints

Leon Loughridge

A discussion on creating three block reduction prints along with process demonstrations of the multiple layers used to create the demo images. All the pages were printed on a 1895 Chandler Price Platen Press from carved blocks or metal plates for the type. The signed book was printed in an edition of 60.



Memories of the Diamond A

Leon Loughridge

A collection of memories from Charles and Ann Loughridge about life on the Diamond A Ranch in 1942. The small hard bound book is illustrated with woodblocks by Leon Loughridge, many of which were inspired by photographs from the ranch. The type and photographs were digitally printed.



Traveling With Watercolors

Leon Loughridge

A watercolorists guide to sketching outdoors. There is that momentary glimpse of a dramatic scene. How does one capture that moment? How to create watercolor snapshots of one's travels.

Discussions on the best painting set up, how to start a sketch and minimizing the many distractions encountered outdoors.  Process demos included. The book was completely printed on a Chandler Price 1895 Platen Press. 


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