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Carved Inked and Pressed

"Carved, Inked and Printed" is a collection of catalogs from gallery exhibits and woodblock collections. There are eight catalogs, seven showcase woodblocks from different past gallery exhibits. The eighth catalog provides insights into the print process, from image design to the various stages of the print process. The catalogs are presented in a hand printed slipcase. 

The Process:  The Process, Artist Bio, Collections and Exhibits 

New Mexico ReImagined: Past and Present visions of New Mexico.

Gorge Songs: Artistic Views of the Rio Grande Gorge in Woodblock.

3Perspectives: Three viewpoints of the Southwestern Landscape.

Las Montanas de Santa Fe: The Mountains of Holy Faith.

Meridian: Exploring Boundaries. Colorado Landscapes.

Spring Thaw In The Gore Range: Images of the spring thaw in the Vail Valley.

Colorado Woodblocks: Woodblocks of the Colorado landscape.

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