About The Woodblock Process

Demo Page

The Demo Page has expanded views of the color layers that make up a woodblock.

The Studio Blog is where I post discussions and what I am currently working on.
About Printmaking:
A short essay about inspiration when creating art.
About Printmaking:
In General
The Basics of Relief Prints
The basics of relief printmaking with a few illustrations.
Relief Prints
Reduction Woodblock Basics
The basics of the reduction woodblock process presented as PDF pages.
Reduction Prints
Process Demo Page
An expanded view of some reduction woodblock prints. The demos show the various stages used to create the print.
Demo Page
About Printmaking:
Procedures and Process

Printing "Forlorn Souls Study"

A 12 page discussion on printing the woodblock "Forlorn Souls Study".
Forlorn Souls Study

Printing "Ascension Study"

A 12 page discussion on printing the woodblock "Ascension Study".
Ascension Study

Evolving Traditions

The catalog from the print exhibit at the Parker Arts Center which opened in May 2020.
Evolving Traditions

Keeping the paper moist
while printing

A short discussion on keeping the paper moist while printing with the moku hanga process.
Keeping Paper Moist