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Relief Print Basics

The relief print process is much like one of those nesting dolls where it looks simple at first glance but each layer reveals another aspect of the process.

Single Block Relief Print

Areas that will not print are carved away.
The raised areas of the block are inked.
Paper is laid over the inked block and pressure applied to transfer the image.

Multi-Block Relief Print

A block is carved to print a specific color.
Each color has a block carved to print that specific color.
When printed onto the same sheet, the colors align as to how they were carved.

Reduction Relief Print

The first carve printed.

After the first carve has been printed on all the sheets of paper, that block is carved again. Select areas of the first carve are carved away resulting in the second carve. The second carve is then printed over the previous color. The process is repeated for the third carve and color.

The second carve printed alone.
The third carve printed over the previous two colors.