The process of translating a watercolor sketch into a multi-layered woodblock, though time consuming, is a journey of color, shapes and memories


There is a story to a book that many never know. A number of the papers we use were handmade by craftsmen in Japan. Combined, these assorted works of craftsmanship add to the story of an editioned book.
Handling a large sheet of vintage Japanese hand-made paper.

An Evolving

The craft of Japanese printmaking spread to Europe in the19th century, flourishing in Vienna and Munich with the German Expressionist Movement. Arthur Wesley Dow brought the craft to North America in 1895 and influenced generations of artists with his teachings. Today, the process continues to evolve and assimilate into modern practices.
"Sunset Chapel" woodblock by Leon Loughridge


"Ascension", Woodblock, 11" x 11".

Hand prints are any image printed by hand instead of an automated  printing press. The beauty of hand prints are the variables in inking resulting from the hand application of the ink.

Editioned Books

Canyon Night Detail, Serigraph, 5" x 14"

Chaco Sojourn

With book two of the Chaco Sojourn series complete, work has started on Book Three with almost all the type printed and illustrations drawn.  

New Woodblocks

"Forlorn Souls Study", Woodblock,
10.5 x 4.5"

Some new woodblocks that have been completed while I have been at the Bishops Lodge Artist Residency in Santa Fe, NM.

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Printing "Bishop's Chapel"

Read the blog posts about printing the large woodblock for Bishop's Lodge and the numerous layers required to develop the image.

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