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A New Woodblock

"Gorge Suite"

"Snowy Plateau"
A collection of four 12 x 9" woodblocks for the upcoming show "Sacred Ground". 

The woodblock will be available at the opening 

June 30, 2023 at the Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, NM. 


Sacred Ground

An exhibit at the Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. 


Original Prints

Woodblocks, serigraphs, etchings and more.

Diablo Canyon-Medium.jpg

Editioned Books

Hand printed and bound books, small editions and catalogs


Trails End

A collection of woodblocks with only 1 or 2 prints remaining in the edition. 


About DCArtPress

What, where and who we are. 

BW Standing-toned.jpg

The Studio Blog

Discussions about the process and woodblocks that are in process. 


DCArtPress Bookstore

A gathering of available creations from the Dry Creek Art Press Studio.  

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