On Display

At The Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.
The woodblocks will be on display through June, 2022

On Display

At the
Wichita Art Museum,
The International Block Print Renaissance Then and Now, 1922-2022.
Until August 7, 2022

On Display

Ann Korologos Gallery,
Basalt, CO
Carved, Etched, and Painted.
May 7 - 31. 2022

Chaco Sojourn, Desert Threnody

Book Four, the last book in the Chaco Sojourn Series, is printed and has been sent to subscribers. The book has  two woodblocks along with the numerous serigraph illustrations.

The woodblock "Bowden" is one of the two woodblocks that will be bound into the book. Both woodblocks have been printed on a hand-made Japanese paper dating to 1910.

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The sun’s blast radius still defers
to long shadows for another hour or two.


"Moon Crossing", Woodblock, 18" x 12".

Hand prints are any image printed by hand instead of an automated  printing press. The beauty of hand prints are the variables in inking resulting from the hand application of the ink.

Editioned Books

Canyon Night Detail, Serigraph, 5" x 14"

Chaco Sojourn

With book two of the Chaco Sojourn series complete, work has started on Book Three with almost all the type printed and illustrations drawn.  

Exhibit Schedule

"Traditions", Watercolor, 25 x 19"

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