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Gorge Songs

Opening June 30, 2018
Gerald Peters Gallery
Santa Fe, NM 
505 954 5719

Gorge Songs is a collaboration between printmaker Leon Loughridge and poet John Macker about the allure of the Rio Grande Gorge.  From the early indigenous people to current day road-warriors, the Gorge exerts a magnetic pull. It has been rendered in word, song and paint ever since people have walked its rims.  In Gorge Songs, Macker and Loughridge use their artistic voices to share the mystique and magnificence of the Rio Grande Gorge.

Each folio consists of 8 to 12 pages bound in a heavy weight Rives Rag Paper. The cover design is a combination of serigraph and relief printing.  The woodblocks illustrating each folio are hand-carved original designs by Leon Loughridge. All pages and accompanying prints will be printed on archival papers.  A full page, signed and numbered print will be bound into the folio along with accompanying woodblock vignettes.

There are one or two poems in each folio, selected from  the twelve poems written by John Macker for the project. Silkscreen was used to print all the type and line work imagery. 

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