Chaco Sojourn - Reviews

What I like most about poet John Macker's writing is that he's always pushing the limits of language. But whether he's writing short stories, critical prose or theatrical dialogue, his language keeps wanting to break into poetry- not from ostentation, I think, but because language never goes quite far enough for him, and he's always reaching for the meaning just beyond words.

   -Gerald Nicosia, author of Memory Babe: A Critical      Biography of Jack Kerouac and Beat Scrapbook.

Located at the intersection of the natural world and the imagination, these poems in ATLAS OF WOLVES create a geography of their own. It is a place of integration, where geo-political borders mean less than interconnection and wholeness. Inspired by the likes of Coyote, Robert Oppenheimer, and Vallejo, it is poet John Macker who creates this luminous vision, and invites us in.

    Miriam Sagan Author of Geographic:
    A Memoir of Time and Space

The Gerald Peters Gallery has been privileged to exhibit the woodblock prints and accompanying limited edition books of award winning artists Leon Loughridge and John Macker.  Their creative collaboration with the gallery spans more than a decade.  The cohesive thread that runs through their imagery and poetry is a vibrant and eloquent exploration of the landscape, faith and culture of New Mexico.

    Maria HajicDirector, Gerald Peters Gallery
    Santa Fe, New Mexico