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I am passionate about printmaking and watercolor sketching. This website is home to the outcome of my efforts.

The studio is located in South Denver and visitors are welcome. Please call or make an appointment to make sure I am in the studio and not out sketching.

Bio / Collections

Exhibiting Galleries

Painting on-site at the Couse Sharp Museum in Taos, NM. From the sketch, a commission woodblock was created for the 2015 Gala Fundraiser.


About the Process

A collection of demos and discussions about the print process. 

Studio Spaces

I work at a number of locations which is the beauty of printing
with the Japanese method referred to as Moku Hanga. Studio visits are always welcome. 

GPG Loughridge Eblast 7-7-2023 copy.jpg
Denver Studio

Located in our remodeled garage, the home studio is located in south central Denver in the university area. It is the home base where I get framing done and store all my  ideas and supplies.
Studio visits are welcome

Cabin copy.jpg
Mountain Studio

Just a short hour drive from the Denver studio, the mountain studio is at the base of Mt Blue Sky  (Mt Evans) and a world away from the hustle of Denver,  The studio is "off the grid" and  surrounded by inspiration. 

AGD Facade-cropped.jpg
Art Gym Denver

This is a printmaker's dream come true. The maker's space is complete with two litho presses, three etching presses,, and complete serigraph facilities. Also, a great cafe and the comradery of other printmakers.


Over the years, I have collected prints from various sources, or should I say they have found me. I keep saying "no more" and then turn the corner to find a print I can't live without. I do think that some prints hide in an antique store, just waiting for the right person to walk though the door, The they magically appear and tug at that person's heart strings. We have learned to avoid sales, auctions and antique stores. 


Japanese Prints

Once I started delving into Japanese woodblocks, I just kept finding more and wanting more. The history of Japanese printmaking is so unique and the craft so diverse. 


The Sterling Project

Part of the WPA, the Sterling Project was conceived by H Keeler and managed by D Babcock for a two year life span. The concept was to create color woodblocks that would celebrate Colorado's diverse cultural heritage.  The collection was donated to the Denver University Art Study Center. 

Contemporary Prints

This is still in the works,
These are contemporary prints that I have collected over the years. I have lumped  the years 1950 to present as contemporary, or prints in my lifetime. Also, prints from North America. 

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